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Show off your ride(s)!<br /><br />I'll kick this off with a bit of an intro to my automotive world. I've had my Driver's license since 2010 and have since owned a total of five cars, two of which I never even got to drive and have sunsequently sold off, and two of which are presently broken down. Purchased my newest, and at present moment only drivable, car jst a couple of weeks ago.<br /><br />First Car: 1974 Jaguar XJ12L<br />Purchased November 2010. Presently broken down and about to go up for sale. This car drove like a dream and featured a gas slurping engine and anti-tailgate exhaust system. I poured way to much money into this car and ultimately got to drive it for less than 200 miles before a very serious problem revealed itself. It has been parked since 2013 and as of November 2014 will no longer crank due to fuel line issues.<br />xj12l.JPG<br /><br />Second Car: 198? Honda Accord LX<br />A co-worker actually gave me this car not even two weeks after I purchased the Jaguar. There were some legal issues between he and a repair shop that destroyed the engine that rightly had settled in his favor so he was more than happy to be rid of it. Sadly I wasted money on getting the engine replaced, but the mechanic I'd hired was disreputible and the car's "new" engine caught fire while my dad was driving it home. Unlike my co-worker though, I got no satisfaction out of the mechanic and took a huge loss on this vehicle. Ended up trading it off in 2011 to a neighbor in partial exchange for some automotive work. The car was clearly cursed as he too ended up wasting a considerable amount of his money rebuilding the engine only to have it got out again leaving he and his wife stranded over a hundred miles away from home one day. He ended up selling it for scrap metal to a junk yard in the area it broke down in. I know I have a picture or two of this hunk of junk in archive somewhere, but frankly I have nothing but bad memories associated with owning it.<br /><br />Third Car: 1988 Mercedes-Benz 300E<br />Purchased exactly three years ago today. The car is at moment having some manner of engine related problem and has thus been parked since last fall. I absolutely love driving this vehicle and it has served me very well. Sadly I haven't been able to raise the estimated funds it will cost to repair both the major and minor issues it has at present, but intend to hang on to it for at least a few more months to see if my income changes enough to afford the repairs.<br />300e.JPG<br /><br />Fourth Car: 1991 Mercedes-Benz 300D<br />This was one of those purchases that seemed like a really great idea, but turned into a lesson best learned through experience. I bought this car for incredibly cheap broken down from a guy who was moving. My intention was to have it repaired and drive it as the price of fuel was insanely high and the Diesel Mercedes was rated with a decent MPG and said to be highly reliable. Sadly though when I had the car evaluated at a trusted repair shop the results were vary bad. The Engine needed a complete rebuild and the estimated costs for all needed repairs was unfathomably high. Sold this car in early 2013 for right about what I had paid for it. Picture taken infront of the apartment complex where I bought it at. Here again, I have other pictures in archive somewhere, but not much point in hunting them.<br />300d.JPG<br /><br />Fifth Car: 1991 Mercedes-Benz 560SEL<br />Amazingly, this car was cheaper than getting the 300E repaired... an S-Class for less than E-Class repair costs, seems a bargain at least. My only gripe with this one is that the turn radius is reduced from that of the 300E due to the extended length wheelbase, otherwise it has lots of get up and go power under the hood. Now if only I had a black suit people could mistake me for a mobster, hahaha!<br />560sel.JPG


  • Sweet! I can tell you like European cars. Buying an old Jaguar is ballsy, though, haha! The running joke about Jaguars is you need to own two; so you'll always have one to drive while the other one is in the shop. <br /><br />You're actually driving a Mercedes S-class, now. That's bad-ass, man. It doesn't matter that it's old. <br /><br />I'm still rocking the bicycle and public transport way. Owning a car over here is insanely expensive, and I'm a 20-minute bicycle or tram ride away from work. I just use Uber every now and then when I need to be somewhere, or borrow a car from a friend or my parents.
  • Nice cars Tweeg.
  • Thanks. Not enough Jaguars exist over here for there to be anyone well known jokes about them, or else I might not have ever bought it if I'd heard that said prior. :P<br /><br />There is a disparing difference between the overall ride quality and driving feel between certain European made cars and the junk made over here in North America and imported from Asia. Not to say I've ridden in or had an oppurtunity to drive something from every single branding, but comparitively those I have been in don't hold a candle to the Jaguar or Mercedes-Benz's... except on fuel consumption.<br /><br />Steering on all of the American made cars I've ever driven differ from the Euro cars. The steering wheel is less responsive, meaning you need to turn it more to achieve the desired turn sharpness. And the turn radius is really quite terrible by comparisson. Suspension is also not so good comparitively. The leaf spring suspension in the old Jaguar gave a better feeling ride than in any car my parents have ever owned, and the suspension in the 300E (W124) is just fantastic, I can take speed bumps at 20MPH and hardly feel them, in either of my parents vehicles you'd not only feel that, you'd risk bottoming out the vehicle.<br /><br />Suspension on the S-Class (W126) has developed an issue in the past week. Wasn't aware when I bought it, but the rear wheels have a dual suspension which incorporates both springs and load balancing hydraulics. Well the hydraulics have stopped operating as intended which is making for some very bouncy feelings coming from the rear of the car when driving over railroad track crossings and other bumpy bits of roadway.
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