in 2015

Hello everyone. <br /><br />I know the place is literally falling apart and that's a damn shame, but I've been pulling 14 hour days for the last couple of months. Once I got some free time again, I will devote it again to the very first website I threw online 10 years ago.<br /><br />When I can find the time, I will upgrade the board to a new software platform. One that's modern, that works well on mobile devices, and has features like reps, tagging and mentioning other members, and a notification center. <br /><br />So hang in there, folks. 2015 is going to be a big year for the forum!  :banana:


  • Sounds good Dick!  We will be looking forward to seeing what changes happen this year  :)
  • Wow, 14 hour days, you are the man Dick.  The new change plans sound awesome!
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