Xbox One - And why I don't care.

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[size=18pt]The official Xbox One site:[/size]<br /><br /><br />All those new "features" are really killing this system for me.<br />1. Do I really care about interacting with other people online through my game system? Not really.<br />2. Do I want my gaming system to require a broadband connection? No.<br />3. Do I care about social networking? Hahahahaha! (see answer to question 1)<br />4. Do I want TV to distract me while playing a video game? No.<br />5. Do I want an always online game system equipped with a microphone and HD motion tracking webcam that can be used to spy on me in my own home? Unquestionably no!<br />6.DO I want a game system that can not play used games? NO! Xbox One games will include a one system use online activation code. Once activated, anyone whom the game may be sold to on the secondary market will be forced to by a new activation code in order to play the game. Hinted at elsewhere that the new codes will range between $9.99 and $19.99 for price.<br />7. Is a seventh reason to not buy this really necessary? No.<br /><br /><br />What a disappointment this newest generation of consoles is. Wii U (potty humor joke), Xbox One (359 steps backwards), and PS4... oh wait, has Sony actually not screwed up the PS4 yet? Either I've missed some PS4 related announcement somewhere or Hell must have frozen over while I wasn't looking... but they still have ample time to mess it up before launch. Let's face it, the PS3's not exactly the champion of reliability, so even if they somehow manage to not mess up some aspect of the system or it's functionality pre-launch I'm still planning to avoid it for some time to follow.<br /><br />So, Xbox One, discuss.


  • I agree with some of your points Tweeg.  Especially point 6.  I was reading an article on BBC website that suggests there may be a gamer backlash because of this:<br /><br />Do we know if PS4 will have a similar feature?
  • Hahaaa, good reasons for me as well!  :lol:<br />Yeah, I do take my ps3 online but for the longest time, I didn't have that luxury. *cough*dial-up*cough* <br /><br />But dontcha want your system suggesting you to get up and go exercise after its informative observation?  :lol:<br /><br />I did happen to buy a 360 long ago, but I never really played it. I doubt I'll pick up the X1.  :crap:<br /><br />The only, ONLY good feature I see is Skype-ing w/ them loose gamer hoes  :banana:
  • Penny Arcade weighs in on the one feature for which the functionality is confirmed regarding.:<br />i-zBmWNnQ-950x10000.jpg
  • not being able to play games offline for more than 24 hrs does blow. really sucks because if it wasn't for that, xbox one would have been a dope console lol. seeing as the wii u seems so outdated, i guess ps4 takes the cake.<br /><br /> then again i don't even care about home consoles that much lol #pcallday
  • A few of the Xbox One's planned features were removed (like the 24hr rule) and i think it seems like a decent console now
  • The graphics are amazing and the online features are really cool, I think. I don't care much for the camera, but I'm sure they will eventually come up with cool uses for it. I don't care about the "spying" stuff, and I don't really believe that anyway. <br /><br />I'll probably buy it eventually. Microsoft said that the 360 will go on for a couple of more years, so it'll take a while before I will. It's way too expensive now, anyway. I bought my 360 a little over a year ago for 200 bucks. It's not the worst thing to be late to the party.
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