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I'm considering making a YouTube channel to put up the old TV commercials and stuff I've been capturing and digitizing off of our old VHS tapes. Got any advice in regards to YouTube?


  • in general, just follow the rules ... and post stuff ... <br /><br /> if you wanna get a significant amount of views ... idk really.
  • Not looking for suggestions on how to achieve astronomical view counts, just wondering if there are any pointers on setting up the channel and/or obscure bits of helpful info not covered in the quick start guide provided by Google.
  • What kinda commercials? Stuff you made or recorded from tv?<br />Setting up is pretty easy. When it comes down to copyright content, it's kinda blurred depending on what permissions are granted from the content owner. If it's copyright flagged, it'll either be spammed with ads and country/mobile restrictions or receive a warning for account suspension. When I set mine up many moons ago, I made my account as a Director, but doubt they have that title selection anymore.<br /><br />What I do hate now is the account being linked to Google+. You either have to use your gmail's full name featured in Google+ or create a new YouTube channel account inwhich you'll be switching between those accounts when using YouTube. Either way, it'll force you to create a Google+ channel page.
  • Present moment have 107 videos up; 12 DC game trailers (including one compilation of six of them as seen on the VHS tape captured from), one DC game opening, one TV show opening, and 93 circa 1980's TV commercials. I really threw myself into getting video content for the channel digitized and uploaded back in September. Haven't uploaded anything yet this month (October), so will just put off adding additional videos until November... which is now only a couple of days away.<br />PSO Archive's Channel:<br /><br /><br />But man you are right. The account setup was short, but really quite abnoxious. I didn't want my Gmail e-maill address to be the account name, so that forced the creation of a parallel Google+ Account, which is terrible because I have no need, nor desire, to do anything with the Google+ features. And there were no options, that I saw at least, in regards to the account holder type at creation, instead it gives you options regarding your video at time of uploading as to wether it is original content or not. Was concerned about legallity issues upon first creating the account, but am now seeing that piracy is rampant and apparently goes mostly unchecked on YouTube, so no longer as worried about that. There I was concerned about uploading old TV commercials and video game trailers when there are entire Disney movies being uploaded by others.  :roll:<br /><br />Was having a great deal of trouble figuring out how to create a credits sequence so that what original content I do eventually upload want get taken and re-uploaded by other YouTube'rs. Well, more specifically the issue I was running into was partly due to the complex methods employed to create an original video. The initial original videos I've shot were done using an el-cheapo Poloroid DV Camera, which I just discovered this week has only been recording at 20fps. So, when I use Windows Movie Maker to create credits it's making them at 29.97fps (good quality), which will be fine for future works and even for what PSO videos I have since those were mostly recorded at that same framerate, and future videos I shoot will be done on Mini-DV or a quality DV camera and thereby also compatible.<br /><br />Anywho, no matter what I've tried to add the credits in with the existing 20fps videos though I end up with audio quality loss on the videos. No doubt this is because the only program I have that will merge the two varried framerate videos is Windows Movie Maker. And that takes overall format and control out of my hands. I've decided what I'm going to end up doing is just writing or typing out the credits on paper, filming that with the same el-cheapo camera, and then just appending that short clip with the existing videos just to be done with it. Rather lousy but effective way of going about the matter, but since I have no plans to use the crappy camera again anyways I don't see that it really matters.<br /><br />
  • The Post-It Note Credits concept was a success! Now have my two earliest, non-PSO, videos online as of last night. Feedback welcomed.
  • Hamburger Helper Meat Loaf?!? Hahaa! That didn't last long!<br /><br />Neat vintage vids yo! I hears a big humming sound in your vid reviews o.o
  • That's the mournful hum of Poloroid executives trying to figure out why no one likes their digital cameras.<br /><br />Seriously, bad image quality in both movie and digital picture modes, and that dreadful hum in the audio. Like I said though, simple solution is I'm going to begin using my Mini-DV camcorders for all future videos. They only capture at 480p, but they do it oh so well. Just uploaded the last of my videos recorded with that sorry little camera.
  • Hahaa wow, lamesauce cam! Mini-DVs are pretty solid format. We shoot alotta stuff with it still. Only beef is digitizing time and occasionally lite hum sound on the tape, but that's only a prob if things are uber quiet. Not as bad as that Poloroid for sure hahaa!
  • As of tonight...<br /><br />Am up to 17 subscribers on YouTube, and now have 151 videos up. But I am rather mad at Google at moment.<br /><br />One of the videos I uploaded last night was the opening for Magnum P.I.. It was instantly placed on "blocked to all users internationally" for copyright infringement of all the ludicrous things. Just do a search for "Magnum P.I. Opening" on YouTube and you'll find plenty of other YouTube channels hosting their own recordings of the exact same opening, but clearly they're somehow are not guilty of copyright infringement, weird? And because I disputed it with the utmost logic I know have a strike against my account. S-T-U-P-I-D Google.
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