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    General Rules:

    Be nice to others, and others will be nice to you. If someone annoys you, try to ignore him/her. There is a "report" button on top of every post. If you find a post abusing, use this feature and the poster will recieve a warning or a ban.

    Users that came here just to spam will be handled with a zero-tolerance policy, your IP is logged, and your posts will be sent to the abuse agency of your host, whom will take further actions.

    Keep the swearing to a minimum. Sure, i'm not gonna ban or warn you if you swear a little, but i don't want to see it in every single post.

    You are allowed to attach up to 2MB to your post, which is alot. However, how tempting it may be, don't attach copyrighted material (copyrighted mp3 files, roms, warez) to your post. does not support warez. If you do post warez, you will recieve a warning or a ban.

    Don't spam. I know some people from the official Sega boards will come here to, i won't say any names (quantez and firebane!). If i see you coming here with the intention of spamming, you will be banned. If you really cross the line too far, i will contact your ISP.

    The Administrator (me) and the mods are the bosses of this forum. If there is something you see that you don't like, simply PM me or any of the mods and we'll fix it for ya. Don't tell others what to do, because we will do it for you.

    You can post polls, but don't overdo it. That goes for everything.

    No porn, no sick images... you know the drill...

    I am always open for new stuff. If you want some new smiley's or avatars or have a great idea for another forums, don't be afraid to ask (in the Feedback/problems forum).

    I see in every forum i've visited political-related topics pop up in the general boards, so i decided to install a special forum for that. You may speak your mind in this forum, howerer, there are some special rules for this forum:
    • Think before you post, this is a serious forum. Posts like "OMG OMG (insert name) SUX1!1!11!!1!11! will be removed.
    • This is a serious forum, so no posts with 'funny' movies or images that's an insult to someone are allowed. It will only piss people off and it does not contribute to the forum.
    • If you don't like a certain political person, you may post it, but do it the intellectual way. Give good reasons why you don't like him/her.
    • Racism is not allowed.
    • Don't judge a person too fast on his post. If something looks stupid or racist, read the post carefully. If the poster read these rules, it should make some sense.

    The portal
    You don't see this alot on other message boards, but don't worry, you will love it. It shows the latest news (directly taken from the topics in the Important News section), all new posts since last visit and other usefull info.

    Unlike most other forums, you can attach a file to your post. If you have a photo or file, you don't need to host it anymore because you can attach it to your post. If you post an image, always use compression. Instead of a BMP or TIFF file, make a JPEG of it. 10% filesize, and almost the same quality.

    The Admin is the only one who can upload files to the Download section. If you have found a Sega-related demo or file, send me a PM or e-mail with the links and i will take care of it.

    Ive set max width for signature images to 500px and max height to 200px. If your sig exceeds the max height or width, it will be automaticly downsized to the max proportions. The resized image may look a little ugly, so you might want to choose a sig image that is within the limit. Also, try to keep it as small as possible. This will keep loading times low for people with a slow modem and will keep the forums better readable. Also, don't put political stuff in your sig.

    The warning system
    You see those nice dots under your name? That's your warning bar. When you cross the line, a mod can warn you to make clear that you need to calm down. Everyone can see your warning level, so if you want to keep your good name, try to keep it at 0%.

    Final word

    I'm a reasonable guy. I don't like to do everything strict by the book. If you violate the rules one or two times, i won't do anything. The main purpose of this forum is to entertain people, which can not be done in a forum with mods and admins that act like prison guards (Like the ESF forums, heh heh). So keep that in mind and just have a good time :) .

    For further questions/problems feel free to PM me or email me at



    Hey dick, can i add another rule! i can? thanks! you're the greatest!

    Don't use shortenings of words ( "4" instead of for, or "u" instead of you etc.)
    It'll only make you look like a fool, and everyone (including your possible family) will hate you, and, you'll never get a good job or a girl/boyfriend. So spare yourself the pain.


    Small Update (July 9th):

    Swear Filter has been removed. Please use your own discretion, you may swear on these boards...but if you use it excessively you will receive a warning and possible consequences could follow depending on the severity.

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