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    Greetings! My reply at last lol. No it wasn't The Town I was thinking of, that one actually got critical aclaim believe it or not. The one I was thinking of was called Live By Night, had you heard of that one?

    I haven't bought a combat racing game since Mariokart for the Wii lol, I have played a bit of the recent Crash Bandicoot racing game for the PS4 at a mate's house. It isn't bad, but just another Mariokart clone as you say. Just not as fun. I hear from friends that the new Kart game for the Switch is very good, but I couldn't justify paying the cost of a Switch just to play it. Although I do like the look of the most recent Zelda game. Have you played with of though. Or do you by any combat racing games yourself?

    Ah the old computer game as a film dilema eh? Well I have to say I watched both World of Warcraft and Assasins Creed on Netflix. I thought both were decent, but just like Kermode I have never played either of them. With Creed I thought it was an interesting idea, but not sure if there was too much story evidenced on screen. With Warcraft I did quite enjoy it (I like fantasy films), but it really was a poor mans Lord of the Rings. What about yourself? Seen either of those? Where do you stand on game to film adaptation?

    Haha I can't wait for that Top Gun sequel, looks like great fun, pays homage to the original (even with an absurd beach scene it seems lol) and not sign of any SJW nonsense in it. I will get into that shortly with my thoughts on the new T film :mad:

    About the co-composer for the new SOR game, you mentioned a few other games he was involved in including Kingdom Hearts. I didn't realise how popular that game was until I went into forbidden planet recently and there is a ton of merchandise for it :O . Seen any of that?

    Lmao, after hearing that review of My Little Pony, if I was a parent, I would do everything I could to have my kid never ever catch wind of it :wut:. Brain rot!

    I've never seen that scene from Aliens before :whoawhoa:, I'm guessing editors cut little bits like that out to make the run time more cinema friendly. Then fans love to get these little tid bits in later years. Took a long time for theme to release it though. Odd, considering how much of a classic the film is.

    I will definitely watch the new Rambo film. What about you? What did you think of the last one? I actually quite liked it. Although in this new one it looks like old John is ...well, old in it. Must be the last one Stallone will do. He is a bit long in the tooth now himself. But it looks interesting!

    Well, Terminator :rant: . It looks awful and the Director has stated something along the lines of misogynists being terrifed of new Terminator girl. I don't understand why he seems to think they are breaking some new feminist ground with this? Has he actually seen Linda Hamilton in the originals? The men in it are either nobodies or villains. A trend which seems to be more and more prevalent in films/tv over the last 30 years. I've seen some leaked plot details and it's an absolute slap in the face to fans of the originals and characters that meant a lot to us growing up. I WILL NEVER WATCH IT. They have even got Eddie Furlong back for some cgi I believe. But I don't care, I'm done with Terminator. Only the first 2 exist for me. it's an absoult fail !!!:nope::blueangry:. What are your thoughts?

    Speaking of childhood favourites, did you ever watch Dark Crystal? There is a series using actual puppets coming to Netflix either today or next Friday. Could be interesting. Check out the trailer:

    Also did you hear Kevin Smith is planning to make an anime He-Man series? Would you watch it? And also a fourth Matrix film is in the works. I am on board with it if it fixes the terrible third film. Thought the first was great! Did you ever see it?

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