Bullsh*t Thread

A new bullsh*t discussion as a homage to the fallen forum and thread lol.


  • Hey, what's good? I see we're back in business. Yeah man, our original thread lasted over a decade believe it or not 🤟

  • Sorry Nog! This completely slipped my mind. Been really busy.

    How are things with yourself?

    Over a decade? Wow, that could be a record! Such a shame that we lost the content. Oh well. I wonder if Tweeg will ever reappear here. He used to post regularly and then vanished for over a year, only to resurface briefly. Honestly I thought he might have died or something.

    I'm good, just getting fed up with covid. I know it's going to take a while to get a vaccine, but the winter months will be grim I think. You been been gaming during lockdown? Have to entertain yourself somehow. I may have to sign up for Netflix again lol.

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