Bullsh*t Thread

A new bullsh*t discussion as a homage to the fallen forum and thread lol.


  • Hey, what's good? I see we're back in business. Yeah man, our original thread lasted over a decade believe it or not 🤟

  • Sorry Nog! This completely slipped my mind. Been really busy.

    How are things with yourself?

    Over a decade? Wow, that could be a record! Such a shame that we lost the content. Oh well. I wonder if Tweeg will ever reappear here. He used to post regularly and then vanished for over a year, only to resurface briefly. Honestly I thought he might have died or something.

    I'm good, just getting fed up with covid. I know it's going to take a while to get a vaccine, but the winter months will be grim I think. You been been gaming during lockdown? Have to entertain yourself somehow. I may have to sign up for Netflix again lol.

  • Hey, how's tricks. Half the appliances in my kitchen have recently snuffed it from age and frequent use. I'm hoping to replace them before long though. 2020 is certainly the least desired year for this misfortune. I glanced over the news last night and government are informing us they plan to begin a national (soft) lockdown shortly. Here we go again >.<

    This makes me glad I recently signed up for prime video. Ah yeah, reminds me. Any suggestions for TV shows I should check out? You may recall I tend to avoid them. Films and gaming my thing. I just started watching Truth Seekers which is pretty good. I'm not prepared to watch shows about boring family lives. It needs to include a sci-fi or supernatural element. I'm already aware of stranger things. I ordered a copy of the superb 80s sci-fi film, Videodrome with James Woods which arrived after 12 days of waiting. The seller forgot to go post it, but he marked it as dispatched wtf. Ever watched it? I think it's cronenbergs finest.

  • Greetings Nog. I'm not too bad, glad for the weekend! How are thing yourself? Ah household problems eh? I have been having some of those myself. I think being at home a lot more this year due to Covid has increased the wear and tear on a lot of things. And peaking of Covid, yep into a national lockdown again, but there seems to be some hope on the horizon with that vaccine. Hopefully they will get it tested, approved and administered by the middle of next year. It's been a long old slog of a year really, can't wait to see the back of 2020! What do you reckon about this vaccine?

    Do you have Netflix and Amazon Prime? Stranger Tings is on Netflix. Off the top of my head for Prime I think you should definitely try out The Boys (which is a superhero show with a difference), the Expanse (which is very good sci-fi in my opinion), Sneaky Pete which is a crime series, The Man in the High Castle (explores an alternate time line set in the 60s in which the Nazis won world war 2), Jack Ryan (pretty good spy series about the famour Tom Clancy character), Star Trek: Picard (if you ever liked Star Trek: The Next Generation, I can't recall if you did), Bosch (a good detectve show based on novels), Good Omens (based on the Terry Pratchett novel), there is an original Lord Of The Rings series coming, Tales from the Loop (a weird little sci-fi show), Future Man is one I think you will really enjoy (kind of a humerous mix between back to the future and terminator, the Magicians (a supernatural series), Into the Badlands (dystopian future with martial arts and some supernatural elments). These are ones off the top of my head. They also have some old classics like The Man With The X_ray Eyes. I started watching Truth Seekers myself and quite like how it has started!

    Ah yes I have seen Videodrome, but not in many many years. I wonder how it holds ups. I do love James Woods, fantastic actor. You ever seen an 80's supernatural film called The Gate? Quite a good film if I recall, and it's also on Prime.

    I haven't watched all of Future Man, but I would be curious to know what you think of it? Also The Expanse, which is getting it's 5th series next year. let me knw which show your try out first and what your opinion it. A lot of tv shows now build a story over the entire series rather than being episodic so they have a far higher quality. They also tend to be far shorter seasons than the old US standard of 22/23 episodes so there usually isn't any filler.

  • Hey-hey, not too bad thanks. Regarding the vaccine, they keep implying it will be publicly available before winter is over, but yeah 6 months sounds more realistic as you put. I just have Prime for a short while. Not checked it out for years, but it hasn't changed at all. LOTR series on the way that sounds like fun. I noticed all Hobbit films are on there which I've added to my watchlist. Do you remember The Negotiator late 90s film? Hostage takeover set in a building over night die hard ripoff. Sam Jackson & Kevin Spacey were in it. I haven't seen it for yonks, but watched it on Prime and it's littered with far-fetched cop moves and plot holes seeing it many years on, haha. I'm not familiar with The Gate, nor have I noticed it yet. Looks like I already added Future Man and I'll get around to saving your other recommendations soon. I went in CEX before lockdown and nabbed some old favourites begging to be taken home such as Aliens, Roger Rabbit, Escape from NY. Edge of Darkness as well which was based on 1985 crime/thriller BBC mini series. One of the better films from the past decade. Ever seen it? If not, stick it on your to-do list haha. Tell you what's a pricey bastard to find a copy of, Blue Thunder and Yellow Submarine. Ah well, all in good time.

    This short film will probably be more like Die Hard than whatever they do with the next actual DH sequel. Happy trails, melon farmers.

  • Good to see you fellas back here.

  • Good to be back Dick!

    Nog, sorry I have been very busy in the run in to Christmas. Will get a proper reply written soon.

  • @Diamond just re-joined the board! Good to see you again.

    Who of the old regulars are we still missing?

  • Herro :3

    I can’t Beleib this forum is back and alive. XD

    So I survived covid.... for meow....

    Was horribad. Wood not recommend. Anygays, some Juan mentioned Amazon Prime.... if there’s Juan show I’d recommend, it’s Hunters. It stars Al Pacino and other funny folk to tell a tale of hunting nazi and being hunted by them in a 70’s setting. So good, so outlandish, so worth a watch if you have Prime trial.

  • Of the old regulars I remember Tweeg, did he ever sign up for this newer forum?

    Hey there Diamond, long time no see. Glad to hear you survived covid. Sounds like you had severe symptoms? I have so far not contracted it as far as I'm aware. Don't want to either! Hopefully these vaccines actually do the trick! Oh yes I watched Hunters on Prime, it was a great show! Inspired by Operation Paperclip. I can't recall if it was one of the ones I recommended to Nog? Probably not, but I agree with Diamond that it's a good one to watch.

    I meant to get back and write a proper reply sooner than this but got very busy coming up to the xmas period. Ah good old Roger Rabbit! I haven't seen that in many years! How does it hold up? I recently re-watched Gremlins as it is the festive period and I think it holds up very well. Haha that diehard battery commercial was very amusing lol. But please tell me they aren't atually making another Die Hard sequel? Although I do need to watch the original again this Christmas as it's definitely been too long! Oh yeah I have definitely seen the Negotiator but it's been a long time. You reckon it doesn't hold up too well then lol? But I've never seen the Yellow Submarine, is that the Beatles movie?

    Speaking of old classics did you ever watch the 90's mini series adaptation of Stephen Kings The Stand? They have remade it and it's already out in the US, but not sure when it's coming to the UK.

    I definitely want to see the LORT series when it comes to Prime, and they plan to make another classic fantasy novel series into a tv series too. I think it's called The Wheel of Time. Heard of it?

    Did you get a chance to watcht The Boys yet? Or The Expanse which is fantastic sci-fi?

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Happy new year everybody. Here's to hoping 2021 will be a little easier than 2020.

  • Happy 2020 REMASTERED! Ehhhhh lol hope it'll get better later in 2021.

  • True that lol

  • Happy new year all! Yeah lets all hope this year is better. It couldn't be any worse!

  • Wow, been a while since I posted here! Been a very busy few months!

    Anyone seen the Snyder cut of Justice League? What do you make of it?

  • Oh I'll check that out. I saw teh 4 hour cut and thought it was rather good. A lot more tonally in line with the first two DCEU films. Anyone else see it yet?

  • How are things with everyone? All making it through the pandemic ok? I think Nog is having computer issues, possibly why he hasn't replied in a while.

  • Doing good, enjoying the nice summer weather. The European football championship is happening at the moment, so that's exciting. Wife and dog are doing good, as well. All things considered, we're good. How about you, man?

  • I'm good ! Glad the lockdowns are seemingly a thing of the past! The Euro championship was quite good, England even made it to a final for the first time since 1966!

    I watched that new Suicide Squad movie last week. I thought it was pretty good! The weasal thing was just hilarious! Did anyone else see it?

  • I'm guessing not too many people here have heard of Sean Lock? A very popular comedian in the UK. He unfortunately died last week, I didn't even know he was sick. A terrible shame as he made me laugh often.

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